RESTful API - How to figure out the schema for xml message for POSTing?

I need to pull out valuation of securities on historical basis from OG installation I am reviewing. Is there a way to figure out how to form the necessary fudge xml messages?

I am operating out of python, and forming the necessary xml messages by hand for time being.


The message structure is based directly on the Java object in most cases.

If you go to http://yourserver/jax/components you will see each component as a hyperlink. Click the hyperlink, and you will see the name of the Java class at the top and the name of the method that gets called below. Open up the source code of the method and use that as a guide to the XML message to be sent.

We know we need a better approach here documentation wise.

Hi, is there a “better approach” documentation wise yet?



No,this remains the best approach. It is practical, because it directly connects the API to the internal code that is being used, and the Javadoc of that code is more likely to be up to date than a separate user manual. (I’m sure that most developers have found external docs tend to get out of date quickly.)

The long term goal would be to produce user-facing documentation directly from the Javadoc, as this would provide the desired user docs while ensuring that they are accurate.