Fudgemsg hello world?


Is there a hello world example that I can see as to how to communicate with a running opengamma server via fudgemsg?

I’ve taken over maintainence of the python Fudge bindings, and I’d like to add a simple hello world in which a python script can take and receive data from opengamma. In particular, I’d like to see if I can pull data from opengamma and then process/plot it using numpy/scipy or put it up on a web page using flask or django.

FYI, the new official github repo for python-Fudge is

and I’ve uploaded it to pypi which means that it can be installed via pip


Development has been dormnant for a few years, and right now I’m mainly interested in doing a gap analysis to see what’s missing.


If you have a local OpenGamma instance running, then picking a URL from /jax/components is a good place to start. For example http://localhost:8080/jax/components/ConfigMaster/central/metaData should be a simple enough response. You need to send the content type “application/vnd.fudgemsg” in your request to get a fudge message back.