Heads up - python interface to OpenGamma


Just a heads up. I’ve gotten Py4J to connect to the jvm for an opengamma server. I don’t know how well it is going to work, but I got “hello world” to work.

I should be able to get a demo together in the next week or so.


Hi all,

Just some more information.

I’ve gotten py4j to be able to execute a few simply things from python. The code to do this is in my github repositiory


There are two commits that add the connection server to opengamma. Once I have that, then I can use a py4j client to create java objects in the opengamma jvm.

Right now, I’m looking for some simple “hello world” demo. If someone can point me to a short java program that makes a nice demo, I can see able “pythonizing” it.