Development with Python

Is there currently any additional documentation about integrating OpenGamma with Python, specifically via Jython (given that there is no native implementation of OpenGamma with Python yet)? I dug out a piece of documentation which uses Jython…

… but the documentation is outdated (the ComplexNumber class resides in a different library).

Additionally, which resource files /external libraries are required to be linked to a Python project via Jython before OpenGamma functions can be called? I am having issues calling derived classes in OpenGamma.

Thanks for any help in advance.

The ComplexNumber class appears to now be in

We don’t actively develop or test with Jython, so obviously its tricky to say what is needed to get up and running. This is especially so, as OpenGamma consists of a large number of jars and an even larger number of dependencies. Your best bet may be to get the system built and running in Java and then find a way to export the classpath.