Strata and Java 17

Hi Stephen and other Strata maintainers.

It’s a broad question but do you discuss any major refactoring in Strata, considering Records and Pattern matching in upcoming Java releases?

I’ve been studying your code alot and learning from it so it is just a question out of curiosity. Hope to hear your thoughts here.



I’ve read a question back in the days about records and the mandatory public constructors from you Stephane on the JDK mailing list. I agree that it’s not optimal to not being able to hide that constructor and instead use a static “of” constructor,

but a more specific question is i you have any plans to move away from joda.beans and use records instead. Or refactor joda.beans to use Java records instead?

For info GitHub - Randgalt/record-builder: Record builder generator for Java records is an interesting project around this.



Strata will remain on Java 8 for the foreseeable future. While records are interesting, they are intended for niche use cases. Strata uses Joda-Beans for the key domain objects, which isn’t a good fit for records.

Ok, thanks for your quick response.