Can I use OpenGamma Source code for improving my Java/ Overall software Engineering skills?


Can I use OpenGamma source code to improve my Java / Overall software Engg Skills?

Thank you for your valuable suggestions and help in this regard. Any small advice is highly appreciated.


Small Correction/ addition to my post:
Using OpenGamma source code means, installing all the software stack on my machine and studying /researching the source code, unit tests through tools/IDEs to improve my skills. Thanks again.


Hi reddy579,

Thanks for your interest in OpenGamma!

OpenGamma is a great platform to learn from. Even if you are not dealing specifically with finance there is a good set of design patterns that can be applied in almost any industry.

To get stated I would suggest you take a look at this:

After that, I would suggest looking at this blog posts and then looking through the code to see how they are applied.

JSR 310 date handling:


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Thank You Joan. I started using it.