Creating Postgres database

I am trying to run OpenGamma on Windows 7. I followed instructions from GitHub considering runing the latest version of the system on Windows. This is the tutorial I followed:

However, when I try to run the db-create-tool.bat which is in sesame/sesame-server/target/scripts/db-create-tool.bat
(from script directory) I get the message: “sesame/sesame-server/target/scripts/RunTool” is not recognized as an internal or external operable program or batch file.

So I copied the db-create-tool.bat to sesame/sesame-server/scripts and run it from there. However then I got the following message: “Error: could not find or load main class com.opengamma.component.tool.DbCreateTool”. I suppose that this is caused by the fact that scripts are placed in the wrong directory and should be run from different location.

Could someone tell me how to create/initialize the database for the latest version of OpenGamma?

Best regards,
Jacek Witkowski

Hi Jacek,

sesame-server provide the ability to create a deploy-able OpenGamma server.

Try running mvn package -Ddist first to get the zip artifact and then the scripts should be place at the correct place in the classpath.

If you do not want to go down the deploy-able server route. You can run the server from within your IDE. See sesame-examples for a OpenGamma server instance with an in-memory data store. Adjusting the ini/properties files you can swap out the in-memory for a db storage, and run the DbCreateTool from with the IDE too.