Eclipse Version

I see that Helios is the mandated Eclipse version…

Note: The .project files we use only work with the latest Helios stable release of Eclipse.

Is that really necessary? Can I recreate the .project files using ivy somewhat like

mvn eclipse:eclipse ?

I just hate upgrading eclipse - or creating a second installation for a separate project…


The Eclipse setup is fundamentally about what we have tested. The IvyDE plugin and .project files might work in an earlier version.

I’m unaware of a “mvn eclipse:eclipse” command for Ivy, but it is possible that it exists.

So, I guess its your choice as to whether to install Helios and follow the instructions to make your life easy, or give the setup a go using your own Eclipse version!

I guess installing Helios is the way to go for now. Thanks

Just as an update, there don’t seem to be any problems with Indigo with the same plug-ins used for Helios.