I see from http://docs.opengamma.com/display/DOC/Running+Tests that I am supposed to be able to just run
ant tests
That doesn’t work for me with the 0.7.1 release. I am trying to use Helios Eclipse (with the recommended plugins). I have NOT yet built from the command line, but have from within Helios.
Instead I can attempt to “right mouse click on one of the sub projects-> Run As ->Configurations->pick one of the TestNG configs which seems to match the projects”.

Am I missing something?

Runs fine once built locally on the command line like
ant clean publish-all-local

I would have expected a dependancy in the build.xml, or at least a pointer in the documentation…

Alex, good point. While the dependency on doing an initial command-line build was always there, it wasn’t well spelled out in the documentation. I’ve fixed that: http://docs.opengamma.com/display/DOC/Running+Tests . Can you confirm that this would have been easier and saved you some time?

There isn’t a dependency in the build.xml because a “clean publish-all-local” takes so long that it’s a lot easier to not do it if you want tests for a particular project quickly.

Much appreciated.
Probably will save someone time :slight_smile: