Intellij - code compiles but no run configurations for test cases


I’ve managed to get OpenGamma setup in intellij (the confluence page helped), but run configurations for test cases are not created. I’m using intellij 11 community edition.

Hi Jason

I’ve pushed an updated project file for OG-Platform that includes run configurations for the tests.


Thanks Chris.

I took the updated code. There are run configurations for each module, but they all have a red cross mark on them in the run configurations drop down and they cannot be edited. Any clue on this?

Hi Jason

If you open the run configurations window (Run -> Edit Configurations…) and select one of the test configs do you see an error message at the bottom of window? It will be something like “Run Configuration Error: …” or “Warning: …”

Run Configuration Error: Broken configuration due to unavailable plugin or invalid configuration data.

Is your TestNG-J plugin enabled? The OG-Platform tests use TestNG so you need that plugin to run them. It should be bundled with IntelliJ.

Thanks a lot, Chris!