Is somebody using IDEA with OpenGamma?



I’m using IDEA 10.5 with the IvyIDEA plugin for managing the dependencies. I’m planning to push my project files to GitHub and add some instructions to the documentation for setting up IDEA. But if you want to get started immediately you can import the Eclipse projects. These are the steps:

New Project -> Import project from external model -> Eclipse
Select the OG-Platform directory as the project directory
Select "Create module files near .classpath files"
Select “.ipr (file based)” as the project file format
Click Next - you should see all the sub-projects selected
Click Finish

Unselect projects/Fudge-Proto/tests/unit_Java as a source root
In the IvyIDEA settings check “Include Module Name” and "Include Configuration Name"
Tools -> IvyIDEA -> Resolve for all modules
In the Dependencies tab of the modules settings select the Export checkbox for all IvyIDEA libraries for all modules

If you select Build -> “Rebuild project” it should build without any errors.

It is a also good idea to edit the default run configurations and change the working directory for applications and TestNG tests to MODULE_DIR.


Tks Chris

IntelliJ project files are available in Git and there are instructions here: