Failed to Initializing dbLoader on sesame-example

Hi, I’m trying OpenGamma on windows via Eclipse.
Unfortunately I’ve got this error when I want to run the sesame-example:
— Initializing dbLoader —
com.opengamma.component.ComponentConfigException: Failed to init component factory: ‘dbLoader’ with {configMaster=::default, conventionMaster=::default, exchangeMaster=::default,, historicalTimeSeriesMaster=::default, holidayMaster=::default, legalEntityMaster=::default, marketDataSnapshotMaster=::default,, portfolioMaster=::default, positionMaster=::default, securityMaster=::default}
at com.opengamma.component.ComponentManager.initComponent(
at com.opengamma.component.ComponentManager.initComponents(
at com.opengamma.component.ComponentManager.init(
at com.opengamma.component.ComponentManager.start(
at com.opengamma.component.ComponentManager.start(
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to locate specified zip file on the file system: C:\Program%20Files\OpenGamma\OG-Platform-master\sesame\sesame-examples\example-server\target\classes\
at com.opengamma.integration.regression.ZipFileRegressionIO$ReadingZipFileRegressionIO.initZipFile(
at com.opengamma.integration.regression.ZipFileRegressionIO$ReadingZipFileRegressionIO.(
at com.opengamma.integration.regression.ZipFileRegressionIO.createReader(
at com.opengamma.component.ComponentManager.initFactory(
at com.opengamma.component.ComponentManager.initComponent(
… 7 more

Do you have any idea from where this error comes from?
Thank you


Welcome to OpenGamma!

Over the last 18 months we have transitioned our development onto our next-generation toolkit for market risk, called Strata. This is designed to offer all the functionality at the core of OG-Platform in a much simpler and easier to use library. Strata is already in use in production, and we are in the process of updating our website to point visitors to this as the replacement for OG-Platform.

As you are just getting started, we would strongly recommend that you start with Strata. The source code is available at and detailed documentation is at

Please let us know how you get on. If you would like to discuss your requirements further then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes,