Help on running an example server - compile errors


I tried to follow the instructions. I could compile the source code with “mvn install”, no problem. Next, I was trying to run an example server. I did:

cd examples/examples-simulated
mvn opengamma:server-init -Dconfig=fullstack
mvn opengamma:server-run -Dconfig=fullstack

However, seever-run gives me:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal (default-cli) on project examples-simulated: Unable to find classpath resource: fullstack/ -> [Help 1]

I’m using the source code I downloaded from the website. According to, it’s version 2.1. Please help as I’d want to study the source code closely.


I had faced same issue so I tried to set-up OG source code in Eclipse as mentioned here
Make sure you follow the instructions mentioned in the sub-urls.

I was able to run the example from Eclipse.



Thanks. I’ll give a try and report here how it goes.