OG Commons with java 7


Is there an older version of OG Commons that can run with jdk 1.7?


OG-Commons is part of our new platform (under development) which is Java 8 only. (Java 7 is End-Of-Life in April).

To create a backport would involve replacing java.time with ThreeTen-Backport and removing any uses of Stream/Collector.

Feel free to let us know why you want an earlier version, and what parts of OG-Commons you are interested in.


Well, the project that I’m involved in is currently running with java 7.
We are interested only in OG Commons, specifically in day count conventions, and business day conventions.
We are planing to move to java 8, but not in the nearest future, because of the issues with javassist.


Thanks for explaining your use case. I guess this is one of those cases where you have to take advantage of the open source nature and liberal license to fork the code and backport the bots you care about to Java 7, at least until you move to Java 8.


Thanks for replying!