Strata Web UI: Is missing?


One thing I liked about the previous pre-Strata code base was the web interface functionality. I don’t seem to be able to find this with Strata i.e the command line only. I may be wrong but is there a similar Web GUI or way of integrating this with other code?



Thanks for your interest in Strata!

The pre-Strata code ran as a server and included a web UI primarily as a way for developers to interact with it, view the contents of its databases, and run calculations.

Strata is designed as a library, and is intentionally much simpler and more lightweight than the previous codebase, while offering all the same core market risk and analytics functionality at an API level. The docs, command-line tool and code examples are designed to help developers integrate Strata into their applications.

While it does not include a web UI, we are building an Excel add-in for Strata. If this would be of interest to you then please get in touch for a trial.

Please let us know if you have any questions or are able to elaborate on your use-case.


Do you remember which strata version had the Web UI?


Strata has never had a web UI. The previous OG-Platform project. As indicated above, we are not planning on adding a web UI to Strata.