Using Strata as a Web Server


I am attempting to set up a Tomcat 9 web server for strata in eclipse.But when I want to add or remove modules, it does not allow me to select any of the strata modules. I think this is because the strata modules are maven projects and not dynamic web projects.

Is there any way to use Strata as a web service and not just locally?

Thank you


Strata is a java library and contains no code to run it as a web service on a web server. This has allowed us to be much more focussed on getting the best analytics we can with an easy to use Java API.

It is perfectly possible for you to build a web service API on top of Strata to satisfy your needs, however it isn’t something we are planning as part of the Strata codebase. (OpenGamma, who sponsor Strata, do have commercial web services for margin calculations).