Working With Temporary View Definitions (Java)


I’m just implementing a quick Java app using the example in the following page:

I have setup a temporary portfolio.

Now, I’m just trying to figure out how to setup a temporary view definition.
In the example, there is a ViewDefinitionRepository property available on the RemoteClient which can be used to add temporary View Definitions.

However, I can’t find this in the current code anywhere.

ManageableViewDefinitionRepository userViewDefinitionRepository = remoteClient.getViewDefinitionRepository();


The ViewDefinitionRepository and Manageable version were replaced by direct use of the ConfigSource/ConfigMaster. Simply pass in ViewDefinition.class where necessary.

I’ve also updated the docs.

Thanks for that.

I’ve put together a quick Java sample app which attempts to create a temporary portfolio with a bond position, then calculate a few outputs on the bond.

It seems to be communicating with the OpenGamma server OK.

The only problem is that the results are coming back blank in the cycleCompleted callback. I’ve been debugging the OpenGamma server and it doesn’t seem to be getting to any of the Graph Building or calculation code.

Is there anything I’m doing obviously wrong in the sample?


As a quick way of moving forward, what I would suggest is to print out the view id and then copy & paste that into the analytic viewer. You might then be able to have more insights as to what is going on by looking at the log.