Injecting Temporary Data with OGDotNet


I’m currently experimenting with the OGDotNet solution.

I was hoping I could do something similar to the following example but in C# rather than Java:

From what I can tell it’s possible to create temporary View Definitions in OGDotNet.
However, the functionality to create a User Portfolio Master for adding temporary portfolio data is not currently supported.

Is this correct?
If so, would it be viable to add this functionality to OGDotNet? What would be involved in implementing it?


In general, client code would not be creating a user master (or any other kind of master). Instead, they would be using one already in existence on the server. So, the Java-based server would be running at the back-end with both a real/persistent and user master, with the client code connecting up.

The DotNet code in general is just accessing the RESTful APIs exposed by the back-end server. So, if there is a RESTful user master, then the client DotNet library can access it. And the API for a user master is essentialy the same as that for the real/persistent master.

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the details of the DotNet code to say how easy it is to add, but I’d be surprised if it was overly hard.