OGDotNet for portfolio manipulation

Hi ,

I am trying to use OG from C# using the code - https://github.com/OpenGamma/OG-DotNet
I was able to read security and timeseries info but i am not able to fully read the portfolio.
The ManageablePortfolio class is only giving access to the name and uniqueid of the portfolio.
How can i read the rest of the details like positions of portfolio from C#.


Hi Vineeth

The ManageablePortfolio class is only partially implemented in our C# reference implementation, as you describe.

If you are running an execution sequence and listening to the results then the ViewDefinitionCompiled callback of IViewResultListener takes an ICompiledViewDefinition; this contains an IPortfolio which represents the full structure of the portfolio referenced by the view definition. This may be a way to access the details you require.