How do I find the OG data dictionary(data model)?


I want to put the data import OG,But I don’t know OG data model(Data Dictionary).
I want to know the purpose of each table,and the purpose of each table’s column .
How do I find the OG data dictionary ?
Such as the template:
table_name, table_description, column_name, display_name, data_type, column_description

Thanks .


No one has replied to this. I had a similar question. How can I see the data model / data table structures for the security master, portfolio structure, positions and trades?
Thank you.


The OpenGamma database tables have been designed to be populated from the application rather than from direct SQL insertion. As such, the database tables are essentially an internal format, with no explicit documentation. Note that some database tables contain a binary field that is a representation of a Java object, which is also not amenable to direct SQL insertion.

The recommended way to insert data is to run a tool that inserts it programmatically from Java.