Og-examples is not starting as background process


I have been trying to start the og-examples in background. It showed me a message like “Starting og-examples”.
But I could not find it is running on port 8080 when I typed(http://localhost:8080/).

I successfully run it as foreground process by typing “./scripts/og-examples.sh debug” in the terminal.

Can someone help me to find the reason?

Mine is ubuntu 11.04 machine and trying to run og-examples from the source code.


Perhaps bare in mind it can take a minute or so to start responding to web requests as it starts up the server? You might try looking in the jetty.log file for fatal errors.


I have tried many times. I have waited a few minutes on each trial,now I slipped a step backward, On my last few trials, I

  1. cloned a fresh copy of OG,
  2. ran “ant build”
  3. in OG-Examples ran “ant new-hsqldb”, “ant init-database”, “ant jetty-debug” respectively.

Everything worked fine.I stopped the server.
Then I run "./scripts/og-examples.sh debug"
I am getting error messages as https://gist.github.com/2993384

I am using OG dev/stable branch,


I’ve asked someone on the platform team to take a look into this for you.


One of my colleagues is working on cherry picking a fix from the development branch (develop) into dev/stable that will hopefully fix your problem.


Thank you Jim


My colleague Yomi has pushed some changes into dev/stable - try pulling those changes and see if that helps.



First, great job for OG. By any chance, have you ever analyzed the price differences between swaption under Black & Sholes framework and swaption under TSR framework?

I developed the same framework of TSR pricing, however I found a wide difference between both pricing framework. (40 Bps). I am wondering if it will make sense for you ?
I am not sure if it’s the right place to post my comment…
Many Thanks for your help



The question regarding the swaption is answered in another thread: http://forums.opengamma.com/forum/discussion/120/question-regarding-swaption-under-black-sholes-framework-and-swaption-under-tsr-framework