OpenERP integration / Bitcoin trading in HK

Hi all,

Just to let people know what I’m doing with OG here in Hong Kong. I’m trying to set up a small bitcoin trading operation here, and I’m trying to configure OG to manage the operation. This involves writing connectors to the major bitcoin exchanges, and cleaning up some of the UI. I figure it will take a few months, but having OG set up so that it can risk manage bitcoin if nothing else will be an interesting demo.

The other thing that I’m looking at is to figure out how to integrate OG with OpenERP. I’m configuring OpenERP to work as a backend for my bitcoin trading, and to do things like document management. The integration I’m looking at will consist of two parts…

  1. I’m looking at configuring OpenERP to track and enter securities orders into a postgresql database. Hopefully I can integrate OpenERP orders with the OG calcuation engine, so that I can use OG to do the risk management, but OpenERP to do order entry and tracking
  2. OpenERP is written in python, but I should be able to use either the JMS messaging system or the REST interface to take data back and forth

The type of thing that I really want to be able to do is to bring up a securities position, and then double click on it, and see the original term sheet for the trade.

I estimate that it will take several months of effort before I get something minimally functional. By then the bitcoin bubble may have burst, but I’ll use this system to trade something else. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Joe

This sounds like a very interesting project. Are you still working on it? Hows it going?

8 years passed。。。how u guys are