OpenGamma & Comparison With Competitors


What is OG similar to the Murex, Calypso and RiskMetrics?
Or they are totally different…

There’s definitely overlap between what the OpenGamma Platform does and offerings from other firms, and in specific Murex, Calypso, and RiskMetrics.

The OpenGamma Platform is designed to be an on-premise system that does portfolio and risk analytics, rather than trade lifecycle management.

So with that in mind, on some of the particular firms you’ve mentioned:

  • We’re an on-premise installation using a customer’s own data (market and other), whereas RiskMetrics is a SaaS offering only.

  • Calypso, while it has a risk module, focuses on trade data management and lifecycle. We think this is more of a natural fit for a joint offering rather than a competitive situation for existing Calypso customers.

  • Murex does a lot of both risk and trade lifecycle management, and there’s definitely a lot of overlap between what the two firms do.

When you compare us with any legacy vendor, there are two very important things to bear in mind. First, we’re a relatively young company compared to the established players. That means that they have a lot of check-boxes ticked that we don’t yet, but it also means that our technology is incredibly modern and legacy free.

Second, we believe in radical openness. Our documentation is online; we have open forums; our bug tracker is online. Even our source code is online and available to you. There are no legacy vendors who do that; in fact, the opposite.

So in our business model, we’re totally different. We believe in empowering developers and firms to do phenomenal things with code freely available.

Thanks Kirk, what OG does is really phenomenal. And it is really great to see such a radically open financial firm. Thanks for all your hard work.

On the topic of competitors, I would think OG is more in line with Xenomorphs timescape, with data and analytics platform. Is that understanding correct.? May be adding a tick database will make it more powerful to Xenomorphs offering.?

Thanks again to all you guys.

Hi, Joe,

We’ve definitely had comparison with Xenomorph’s TimeScape in the past, although I’ve not personally used it. Whether we’re more logically a competitor or partner (or a bit of both) is yet to be seen. This is a very large market and there are a lot of players with some level of overlapping functionality.

And you’re not the only people who have asked for incorporation of a tickstore as well. We’re currently reviewing options there and some solution (whether easily integrating with an existing vendor or starting down the path of doing one ourselves) is definitely on our roadmap!


Thanks Kirk for the reply.

Tks Kirk.