Web GUI missing second line

I’ve been setting up OG in lots of different environments. Twice now my browser (Chrome) has gone into some weird state where it won’t show the second line of the web GUI – the one with Calculations, Source, Load button – which of course is a useful bit of the GUI.

If I open in an incognito window it’s fine, so I can work around it. Clearing out some of the cookies also seems to “permanently” fix it, ie for weeks or months. Restarting chrome or reloading or forcing full refresh doesn’t help.

When the problem happens, the browser debug console shows an error about cross-site requests which again suggests the problem might be some cookie getting cached from a prior server and then the JS app trying to contact that prior server … but that’s just a guess.

Any advice on which cookie needs to be manually wiped would be useful. And hopefully this report is helpful to y’all to clean up cookie mgmt so this issue doesn’t hit other people.


Does it look like this might be the fix?

Its not integrated yet, partly because we’ve not seen the issue ourselves.