Attaching a debugger to the server process



I installed, built and successfully ran the OpenGamma demo project (ant jetty-debug) on my desktop. Now, I would like to step through the analytics code in a debugger ( I can step through the client code in the ExampleServer class). What would I need to do in order to step through the server code ? I have Eclipse Indigo, but may not be finding the right Debug configuration options.

Thanks in advance


You just need to run the server process from Eclipse. Create a Debug configuration (Run->Debug Configurations…->[ new configuration button], choose the class ExampleServer in com.opengamma.examples.startup. You’ll probably want to add the following on VM arguments panel (under the arguments tab) when you’re creating a new debug configuration.

-ea -Dlogback.configurationFile=com/opengamma/util/test/warn-logback.xml -Xmx2048m

This just enables assertions (probably not necessary as we try not to use them), set logging to warn level and allocate 2GB max heap.

Once created, run the new debug configuration and enjoy!