I´d like to know how developers can help OpenGamma?

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Like most open source projects, its advisable to work on something that interest you. The constraint with OpenGamma is that we require a CLA (contributer licensing agreement) in order to ensure that you have the rights to share the IP in any contribution with us. Please contact us privately if you want to sign that.

However, no CLA is needed to download the code, review it, run it, or fork the OpenGamma code base on GitHub and make changes (provided you follow the code’s license). The CLA is only needed to submit changes back to OpenGamma.

So, I’d suggest forking the code on GitHub and see if there is anything you’d like to change or add. Hope that helps!


Just to reiterate what Stephen said, we have a FAQ entry on this particular question: , including why we ask for a CLA.

If you’re interested in something in particular you could do, is the best place to start. Find something that you think you’d be interested in doing, and try to get started working on it. If you have any questions on what you’d need to do at any step along the way, just ask here on the forums!



Looking for some vision level understanding in order to determine how to contribute.

Is there a roadmap for the product outlining the functionality in works/plans?
Or about the architecture/design plans?

Any plans for using TDD of BDD (Behavior Driven Development)?
I am guessing it would self document the business domain concepts nicely…

Please advise.