Question about @Scriptable annotation

Hello guys at OpenGamma.
I see this annotation inside a class that creates a Portfolio (examples-simulated/src/main/java/com/opengamma/examples/simulated/loader/
Can you explain what exactly this annotation does?
Thank you.

Stavros Kefaleas
Software Developer at The Markets Trust company

The @Scriptable annotation is picked up during the build. It is process using the scripts project. The project takes the class name and builds a simple sh/bat script around it. There will be one sh/bat script for every class that has an @Scriptable annotation.

Bear in mind that the scripts are only useful in the context of a fully complete build. For example, the build creates a tar.gz file with the entire deployable platform in it. If you untar that, then you can run the scripts. Trying to run the scripts from any other “development” location is liable to fail.